Dear Mamis,

Club Egara has the honour of inviting you to our 8th EUROPEAN MAMI’S HOCKEY FESTIVAL May 27th, 28th and 29th 2022.

A festival that thanks to the efforts of our Club and members and the impact and success of mamis hockey has had everywhere has become a world renowned event.

We want you to spend 3 days together with us, enjoying hockey, dances, concerts, meals, shopping and many more activities. We are aiming for 350 mamis from 30 teams, from many different countries. 

The Festival is for women over 32, who want to play hockey (minimum 8 games) and have some fun! Once again our Shopping "Village" will be full of stands for shopping pleasure. 

The 8th EMHF was on its way to be organized when the pandemic hit and we had to cancel. Since originally that was an Olympic year, our theme was going to be "Olympic Mamis" in the end we have decided to continue with the same theme, of course!!

We are really excited to have our powerful Mamis Hockey Players performing as true Olympians for 3 days. Come join the fun!!