·       400 € per team

·        98 € per player / staff

·       135 € per player ALLIANCE INFO!!!

Prices Include:

Team → Tournament organization, refereeing, medical service, activities and DJ.

Player/staff → Meals,  friday, saturday &sunday dinner´s ,friday night dinner with teams dancing shows,  saturday night gala dinner, t-shirt and tournament bag, with a lot of surprises inside. 

Before registering you must take into account:

1. Each team consists of a maximum of 15 players/staff.

2. Team registration must be done first;  once done, the players and staff/ companions can register. 

3.  The team's captain will be their contact person. 

4.  Team registration payment will be made before 29, February , 2024 (capacity is limited and registrations will be attended in strict order of payment). 

5. Players / staff payment will be made before  29, February, 2024

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