On this page you can find more information about hotels and apartments to rent during your stay and different transportation options.

We all know “el Corte Ingles” as one of the biggest shopping malls of Spain. But they also have a huge travel agency which provides hotels, transportation and much more. This is a very good and trustworthy travel agency, therefore we recommend to book hotels and/or transportation via them. For example they offer different hotels close to Egara. Also they provide transportation options to bring and pick-up from the club/airport or rent transportation so you can drive yourself.


To receive an offer for hotel and/or transportation for your team, you can send an email to hockey@viajeseci.es (you can write in English). Please specify in the email what you exactly need (f.e. transport from the airport to the hotel, date and time and number of travellers).


This year there are also some very comfortable apartments available that you can rent, which you can share with more members of your team. Check out the website www.petitluxe.cat


The same company also has a hotel in the centre of Terrassa. This is the website for the hotel: www.hotelpetitluxe.cat 

If you make a reservation with el Corte Ingles or Petit Luxe, please let them know you are going to the European Mami's Hockey Festival from Egara, as we have arranged special discounts for you.