The competition will follow the normal rules of international hockey, but expressly adapted for our festival:

1.    The match is going to start when 6 players and 1 goalkeeper (or goalkeeper player) are on the field.

2.    We will play matches of 25 minutes without break.

3.    Size field is half of an official 11x11 pitch.

4.    The match will be started with a three touch “Bully” by one player of both teams.

5.    The penalty corner (or short corner) and penalty stroke will be taken in the form of a shoot out (10 seconds). 

6.The attacking player will start 3m outside the oppositions circle with the rest of the players from both teams on the halfway line. The other players cannot participate in the action until there is a rebound from the goalkeeper or a second action in the play.

7.      Long corners will be taken on the sideline, one metre from the corner of the pitch.

8.     Free hits on the edge of the circle will be taken 3m outside the circle, with every player, except the player on the ball at a minimum of 3m. Before the ball can enter the circle a pass must be completed.

9.      The organization reserves the right to add/modify any rule, which will be modified and announced at the meeting of captains.

10. Each player must be registered to play and have medical insurance in case of an accident. For European players, it is advisable to have the European Health Insurance Card.